Luminous Serum

Ailada Luminous Serum contains rich amount of lipobelle glacier. The concentrated pure mineral water from mountain of the Alps elevated 1800 meters above the sea level comforts skin as it firms and moisturizes making your skin smooth and delicate as silk. This luminous serum is, furthermore, prominent for reducing wrinkles and the look of fine lines both instantly and over time by the action of “Rutin”, a compound from Thai cherry Blossom that is most known for their antioxidant activities. Nevertheless, the active ingredients are packed together in a form of liposome, a technology of encapsulation that has been made resemble to human skin cells for the best absorption of active ingredients which will eventually lead to firming, brightening, smooth, and silky skin of yours.

After wash with clean water, apply Ailada Luminous serum all over your face and neck routinely before bed.